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Tugas 3 Bahasa Inggris 2



1. In addition to the more traditional simple oven many .... either by circulating heated air around the food or by heating the moisture contained in the food with microwaves and a few do both.
A. functioning modern ovens
B. modern oven that function
C. modern ovens function
D. the function of modern ovens
Answer : C. modern ovens function

2. .... many communication companies are now able to offer radio and television broadcasts over the internet.
A. Advanced technology has enabled
B. Introducing advanced technology
C. Because the introduced of advanced technology
D. With the introduction of advanced technology
Answer : D. With the introduction of advanced technology

3. From the beginning of the twentieth century to the present, technology .... people are beginning to imagine there are no limits to what we can achieve.
A. progressed to the point that
B. has to progress to a point
C. has progressed to the point that
D. progressing to the point that
Answer : C. has progressed to the point that

4. A trap .... disguise is what has come to be called a Trojan Horse, from the ancient story of the gift of the wooden horse from the Greeks.
A. offered a gift of'
B. offers a gift in
C. offering a gift to
D. offered as a gift in
Answer : D. offered as a gift in
5. Telecommuting is a new form to work .... to work, such as fathers with children, the chance to work while remaining at home.
A. affording those previously unable
B. affords those who were previously unable
C. that affording those unable previously
D. afforded those previously unable
Answer : A. affording those previously unable
6. It is the lack of gravity on the moon that makes ..... leaps of 30 feet or more.
A. possible
B. it possible
C. to be possible
D. it to be possible
Answer : A. possible
7. It is believed that the modern bird .... the pterodactyls that existed million of years ago.
A. was envolved from
B. envolved from
C. envolved
D. was envolving from
Answer : B. envolved from
8. Although .... a successful film, none of her other works have to date been adapted to the film format.
A. The Joy Luck Club is best known novel by Amy Tan was made into
B. The Joy Luck Club was made into a film by Amy Tan best known
C. Amy Tans's best known novel, The Joy Luck Club, was made into
D. Amy Tans's best known novel, The Joy Luck Club, made
Answer : D. Amy Tans's best known novel, The Joy Luck Club, made
9. The advent of the personal computer and easy a access to information via the Internet has allowed many more enterpreneurs .... than ever before.
A. to open home based businesses
B. who open home based businesses
C. opening businesses home based
D. based at home their business
Answer : C. opening businesses home based
10. ...... "orca" means whale, the orca is actually a member of the dolphin family, the delphinids.
A. That
B. Why
C. While
D. It is
Answer : C. While
11. Many modern critics of American literature have called Mark Twain, born Samuel Clemens, ......
A. as America's greatest writer
B. was America's greatest writer
C. America's greatest writer
D. to have been America's greatest writer
Answer : C. America's greatest writer
12. ..... its area of defense, a fort should be built on an elevation and with some sort of natural feature of the landscape to obstruct direct access to the fort.
A. to better protect
B. protecting better
C. for the better of
D. it is better for
Answer : A. to better protect
13. An iron smelting forge .... ore into usable metals.
A. melts
B. is melting
C. melting
D. should melting
Answer : A. melts
14. The one in charge of a meeting .... toward the end of the meeting.
A. table general important topics
B. tables generally the important topics
C. generally the topics of the table
D. generally tables important topics
Answer : D. generally tables important topics
15. Sufficient gravitational force is .... atmosphere ; otherwise the atmosphere will drift off into space.
A. necessary for retaining planet
B. retaining necessary planet
C. retained by necessary planet
D. necessary to retain a planet's


16. Because(A) of the enermous pull gravitational(B) of the Moon, the shape of the Earth actually changes(C) as the largest oceans are "pulled" toward(D) the Moon.
Answer : B. gravitational, seharusnya gravitation.

17. Only with the advent of refrigerator(A) were(B) most Americans able to begin(C) to consume fresh meat(D).
Answer : A. refrigerator, seharusnya refrigerators.

18. The smaller(A) of all(B) nine planets(C) in the solar(D) system is Pluto.
Amswer : A. The smaller, seharusnya The smallest.

19. The function of biologist(A) is both to describe organisms in minute detail(B) also(C) to understand why they behave as they(D) do.
Answer : C. also, seharusnya and karena ada kata both.

20. According to all findings(A) to date(B),the known universe consists almost entirely of the hydrogen(D).
Answer : D. the hydrogen, seharusnya tidak perlu pakai kata the.

21. Because(A) of their flexibility, reeds and straw are able(B) to endure harsh winds that other more(C) brittle materials like brick and concrete would not be able withstanding(D).
Answer : D. withstanding, seharusnya withstand.
22. Before hay can be processed and sold(A), it is typically(B) bundled into(C) boxlike bales so that it can be more easily transport(D).
Answer : D. transport, seharusnya transported karena ada kata can be.

23. Most of the birds living(A) in desert regions inhabits(B) the fringes(C) of the desert(D).
Answer : B. inhabits, seharusnya tidak perlu pakai 's' karena subjeknya jamak.

24. Areas(A) of rocks may shifts(B) up or down on each(C) side of a fault(D).
Answer : B. shifts, seharusnya tidak perlu pakai 's' karena bukan subjek ke 3 tunggal.

25. From the 1850s until after the turn of the century, many(A) of America's super-rich families(B) made(C) Newport his(D) favourite summer resort.
Answer : D. his, seharusnya their.

26. Of Jane Austeen's six great novels(A), the first four were(B) published anonymous(C) during(D)her lifetime.
Answer : B. were, seharusnya was.

27. Clarence Birdseye is best know(A) for developing(B) a process(C) for freezing food in small(D) packages.
Answer : A. know, seharusnya known.

28. It was(A) as a direct result(B) of the widespread implementation(C) electricity that the US had a source(D) of light other than gas lights.
Answer : C. implementation, seharusnya implementing.

29. The Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. is home(A) to the largest collecting(B) of Native American artifacts in the United States, most of which(C) remain uncatalogued(D) and hidden from public view.
Answer : B. collecting, seharusnya collection.

30. In the modern era(A), face to face communication is becoming near(B) as uncommon(C) as hand-written(D) letters.
Answer : B. near, seharusnya nearer.

31. The leaves(A) of most(B) coniferous species(C) are slender and length(D).
Answer : D. length, seharusnya long.

32. Like(A) an aiplane, a(B) helicopter have(C) to control sticks instead(D) of one.
Answer : C. have, seharusnya has.

33. Much(A) bright young stars lie(B) along(C) the spiral(D) arms of the Milky Way Galaxy.
Answer : A. much seharusnya many.

34. Hippocrates believed(A) that health depended on(B) the balanced(C) of the four fluids(D) of the body : blood, phlegm, bile and black bile.
Answer : C. balanced , seharusnya balance.

35. Because mistletoe berries are poisonous(A), everyone with Christmas decorations containing(B) mistletoe need(C) to be aware of the potential danger(D).
Answer : C. need, seharusnya pakai 's' karena subjeknya tunggal maka kata kerjanya tunggal.

36. The earliest(A) known artworks were done(B) by cavemen which(C) used a mixture of clay, chalk(D) and burned wood and bones.
Answer : C. which, seharusnya who karena cavemen menerangkat subjek.

37. The Earth's crust is composed of fifteen plates which(A) float(B) on the partially(C) molten layer below they(D).
Answer : D. they, seharusnya them
38. The Cabinet consist(A) of secretaries of departments, who(B) report to the president, give him andvice, and helping(C) him make(D) decisions.
Answer : C. helping, seharusnya help.

39. Operas can be broadly(A) classified(B) as either comedies or(C) they are tragedies(D).
Answer : D. they are tragedies, seharusnya tidak perlu pakai they are.

40. During the annually(A) salmon migration from the sea to fresh(B) water, Alaska's McNeil River becomes a gathering(C) place for brown bears waiting eagerly(D) to catch their fill.
Answer : A. annually, seharusnya annual.

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Tugas 2 Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Part I
1. ‘ Tell me why you’re interested in learning this subject?’
‘ Economics… to explain the phenomena in Business World.’
( B. tries / verb )

2. ‘ What’s on the news today?’
‘ The policeman… caught the criminal.’
( B. has / auxiliary verb )

3. ‘ After traveling across the country, I think Toronto… the busiest city in Canada.’
( C. is / to be )

4. ‘ You should sleep early tonight because we start our journey tomorrow and five hundred miles… a long distance to drive in one day.’
( D. are / to be )

5. ‘ After the incident at the border yesterday, the army has reinforced… strength this morning.’
( D. their / possessive adjective )

6. ‘ Children, tell me the functions of these tools!’
‘ Scissors… to cut thin materials.’
( C. are used / auxiliary verb + verb )

7. ‘ According to the recipe, I need seven… to make this chicken pie.’
( C. potatoes / noun )

8. ‘ There are a lot of disasters in Indonesia these days.’
‘ Yes. and now, the earthquake and tsunami phemomena always… a lot of people.
( A. fascinate / verb )

9. Which of these sentences is correct?
( D. The car made a loud noise )

10. Jim : Can I use that car?
Mark : No. It’s… car.
( C. my mother – in – law’s /

11. ‘ The old man’s house is old.’
‘ Yes. One of… windows is broken.’
( D. its / possessive adjective )

12. ‘ Where we will sleep tonight?’
‘ Ann is going to share her room with…, isn’t she?’
( A. you and me / pronoun )

13. ‘ What’s said in the memo?’
‘ You and… are expected to be present at the student representative meeting.’
( A. I / pronoun )

14. ‘ The student must be made to understand how each lesson can be value to…’
‘ I absolutely agree with you.’
( C. them / pronoun )

15. ‘ How does Jarohi play guitar?’
‘ As well as… do.’
( A. I / pronoun )

16. ‘ Anything happens to you; don’t forget that… mother and father love you.’
( B. your / possessive adjective )

17. “ Vito and I have a lot in common.”
“ Yes, your ideas,…. somewhat unusual to me.”
( B. like him, is )

18. ‘ Is this your book?’
‘ This doesn’t look like… book; it must be…’
( A. my , yours / possessive adjective )

19. “What’s the decision?’
“ I don’t know yet. The committee are still arguing among…”
( E. themselves / pronoun )

20. Mother : What are you doing?
Children : Chatting.
Mother : What! You waste your time. You get… from that.
( D. nothing / noun )

21. ‘ Does… know where my glasses?’
‘ You’re wearing them. Why you’re always so forgetful?’
( A. somebody / noun )

22. ‘… of the bread has been taken from its box.’
‘ No one likes it.’
( A. Some / pronoun )

23. ‘ Who wants to go with me to the orchestra?’
‘… of us want to go to the orchestra.’
( D. All / adjective )

24. A : Look at the picture on the wall !
B : … is a beautiful picture.
( D. That / pronoun )

25. ‘ Who is the man talking to you last night?’
‘ The man… I talked to last night was my brother.’
( A. whom / pronoun )

Part II
1. “… his own assignments, Sony offered to help his friends.”
( C. Having finished )

2. “… the money, Tarwan left for his home town.”
( A. Having received )

3. “ We always avoid… to the mall on Sunday because it’s too crowded.”
( D. going )

4. “What was he interested in?”
“… paleontology.”
( B. Learning )

5. “These floors always look dirty in spite of… every day.”
( D. being swept )

6. Bob : “ I’m going out tonight.”
John : “ Would you mind… the key to the house? ”
( E. leaving )

7. “Doel Fajri completely denied… the money.”
( B. stealing )

8. “ What’s your hobby?”
“… stamps.”
( C. Collecting )

9. “ Can Rosa accept her parent’s divorce?”
“ No. She isn’t mature enough…”
( B. to understand )

10. “ I wonder where Dadang is.”
“ Don’t you know the committee forced him…?”
( C. to resign )

11. “ The poor woman can’t afford… a dress.”
( D. to buy )

12. “ I smell something… in the kitchen.”
( D. burning )

13. “ I had to ask the soldier…”
( B. to stop firing )

14. “ What did the teacher tell us?”
“ He told us… noisy.”
( D. Not to be )

15. “ Do you object to… on the table.”
“ Yes. You sit on the cake”
( B. my sitting )

16. Rudy : “ What are you looking forward?”
Toni : “… my old friends.”
( A. To seeing )

17. “ When you go camping, don’t forget to bring…. bags.”
( B. sleeping )

18. “ The smilling boy clapped his hands.”
It means:
( D. The boy with a smile on his face clapped his hands )

19. “ I am bored the show is very…”
( E. boring )

20. “ We thought of… across France. We’re rather tired of… by train.”
( D. driving / going )

21. “ When at last I succeded in… him that I wanted… home quickly, he put his foot on the accelerator and I felt the car… forward.”
( E. convincing / to get / leaping )

22. X : “ Bob smoked when he was in College. Does he now?”
Y : “ Yes.”
( B. Bob used to smoking )

23. “ I always… the sun… every morning.”
( C. watching / rises )

24. “ I don’t know where… in this holiday.”
( B. to go )

25. “ The car is always hard to start.”
“ I think it needs…”( E. to be repaired )

Tugas 1 Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Exercise 1 : Subject, Verb, Complement and Modifier
Identify the subject, verb, complement, and modifier in each of the following sentences. Remember that not every sentence has a complement or modifier.

1. George / is cooking / dinner / tonight.
Subject / verb / complement / modifier of time

2. Henry and Marcia / have visited / the president.
Subject / verb / complement

3. We / can eat / lunch / in this restaurant / today.
Subject / verb / complement / modifier of place / modifier of time

4. Pat / should have bought / gasoline / yesterday.
Subject / verb / complement / modifier of time

5. Trees / grow.
Subject / verb

6. It / was raining / at seven o’clock this morning.
Subject / verb / modifier of time

7. She / opened / a checking account / at the bank / last week.
Subject / verb / complement / modifier of place / modifier of time

8. Harry / is washing / dishes / right now.
Subject / verb / complement / modifier of time

9. She / opened / her book.
Subject / verb / complement

10. Paul, William, and Mary / were watching / television / a few minutes ago.
Subject / verb / complement / modifier of time

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Obat Tanpa Label Harga

Labelisasi sangat penting agar masyarakat tidak tertipu dengan harga obat di pasaran.
Belum adanya informasi harga obat yang akuratdi pasaran membuat masyarakat berada dalam posisi tidak bisa memilih. Mereka hanya bisa pasrah dengan penentuan harga obat sepihak oleh apotek ataupun took obat tanpa mengetahui harga yang sebenarnya. Karenanya, seringkali mereka terpaksa membeli obat dengan harga yang lebih mahal dari yang seharusnya.
Bukan hanya harga, tidak adanya nama generik membuat masyarakat juga tidak bisa memilih obat dengan kandungan yang sama namun dengan harga yang lebih terjangkau. Padahal jika saja masyarakat mengetahui hal itu, tentu akan membuat masyarakat semakin cerdas dalam memahami kandungan obat. Implikasinya adalah mereka bisa memilih alternatif obat yang sama baik kandungannya namun dengan harga yang terjangkau.
Untuk mengatasi hal itu, awal Februari 2006 pemerintah mengeluarkan Permenkes No. 069/Menkes/SK/II/2006 tertanggal 7 Februari 2006, tentang kewajiban pencantuman label harga eceran tertinggi (HET), dan juga nama generik obat yang bersangkutan. Tujuannya, untuk memberikan informasi yang jelas kepada masyarakat tentang harga obat sekaligus upaya untuk mencerdaskan masyarakat.
Sejak dikeluarka Februari lalu, pemerintah memberikan tenggang waktu enam bulan untuk proses sosialisasi sekaligus pemasangan label oleh produsen obat. Bahkan, toleransi waktu diberikan lagi hingga kahir Desember 2006, sebelum pemerintah menyatakan akan hendak menindak produsen yang belum memasang label HET dengan ancaman penarikan produk dari pasaran.
Sayangnya, meski tenggang waktu sudah habis, namun hingga hingga kini masih banyak produsen obat yang belum melakukan kewajibannya. Dan sekian banyak obat yang beredar di pasaran, sedikit sekali yang sudah memasang label HET dan nama generik dari produk yang dijualnya. Fakta ini terbukti dalam inspeksi mendadak yang digelar Menteri Kesehatan Siti Fadillah Supari, Selasa (9/1).
Dalam kunjungan mendadaknya, ke dua tempat yaitu apotek RS Cipto Mangunkusumo dan apotek Melawai di Jl. Matraman, Menkes menemukan hamper sebagian besar obat-obatan yang dijual belum mencantumkan label harga dan nama generiknya. Bukan hanya itu, Menkes juga menemukan fakta ada obat yang sudah mencantumkan label HET namun dijual di atas harga yang seharusnya.
Ini terjadi di apotek Melawai Matraman. Obat cacing merek Combantrin isi dua tablet produk Pfizer, dalam label HET tercantum harga jualnya adalah Rp 8.000. Namun, oleh apotek yang bersangkutan, obat ini dijual seharga Rp 8.200 atau Rp 200 lebih mahal daripada seharusnya.
Usai melakukan sidak, Menkes menyatakan kunjungan ini dilakukan untuk mengecek apakah apotek sudah mentaati aturan pemerintah terkait pemasangan label HET. “Labelisasi sangat penting agar masyarakat tidak tertipu dengan harga obat di pasaran.” Katanya. Pasalnya ungkap Menkes, saat ini pihaknya menemukan masih banyak obat yang belum mencantumkan label harga.
Selain itu, Menkes juga melihat masyarakat masih tenang-tenang saja dengan obat yang belum ada label harganya. “Mungkin karena mereka sudah merasakan harga obat sudah menjadi murah, sehingga tidak ribut ketika obat yang dijual belum ada labelnya,” jelasnya. Meski begitu, Menkes menyatakan ia tetap meminta agar setiap produsen memasang label harga demi kepentingan masyarakat banyak.

Sumber : Harian Republika, 10 Januari 2007, hal 22
Drs. Amin Widjaja Tunggal, Ak, MBA., 2008, Etika Bisnis (Suatu Pengantar),
Harvarindo, Jakarta.

Lebih Separuh SPBU Curang

Jakarta – Tim Terpadu Pemantauan, Pengawasan, dan Pengendalian Dampak Kenaikan Harga serta Penyalahgunaan Penyediaan dan Pelayanan Bahan Bakar Minyak (Timdu BBM) menemukan lebih dari separuh atau tepatnya 52,53% Stasiun Pengisian Bahan Bakar (SPBU) milik PT. Pertamina (persero) terbukti melakukan kecurangan. Kecurangan dilakukan dengan cara sederhana hingga menggunakan alat pengendali jarak jauh (remote control)
Ketua Timdu BBM Slamet Singgih mengatakan, temuan tersebut didapat dar pengamatan sekitar 228 SPBU yang disidak PT Pertamina selama Januari – Juni 2006. Dari jumlah itu, 120 unit SPBU di antaranya diduga telah melakukan pelanggaran.
“Dari jumah itu, sebanyak 83 SPBU sudah dikenakan sanksi penghentian sementara pasokan antara 1 minggu sampai2 bulan. Sisanya masih dalam proses,” ujar Singgih dalam jumpa pers di Jakarta.
Total kerugian konsumen akibat kecurangan tersebut diperkirakan mencapai Rp 4,7 miliar. Kerugian terbanyak dari pembelian BBM jenis premium, yakni sebesar Rp 3,97 miliar.
Singgih mengatakan ke-228 SPBU yang disidak seluruhnya berada di Pulau Jawa. Pelanggaran terbanyak ditemukan di wilayah Unit Pemasaran (UPms) III Pertamina yang meliputi wilayah DKI Jakarta, Banten, dan Jawa Barat.
Sementara itu, anggota Komisi Energi Sumber Daya Mineral (ESDM) DPR Bambang Wuryanto menganggap sanksi yang diberikan Pertamina tersebut sangat jauh dari maksimal. Ia menilai pelanggaran yang dilakukan SPBU itu sudah merupakan tindak pidana. Bambang menjelaskan, ada beberapa hal yang perlu diperhatikan. Misalnya, jenis BBM berupa premium dan solar itu masih diberikan subsidi. Artinya, anggaran Negara masih ada di dua jenis BBM tersebut.

Sumber : Koran Seputar Indonesia, 28 Juli 2006, hal 16
Drs. Amin Widjaja Tunggal, Ak, MBA., 2008, Etika Bisnis (Suatu Pengantar),
Harvarindo, Jakarta